Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1. Positive Horse Training

I love being around, working with and training animals. I train my dogs and any other animals I can get my hands on using positive training.

When my sister asked me about using the same approach to her horse, I did a little research to get her started. I already knew that Karen Pryor's method works on any animal large or small. I've trained wild crayfish to pull a string to get food in just 15 repetitions, my gerbil to jump into my hand on cue, my neighbor's cat to touch a target stick with his nose and follow it as well as training my own dogs and neighbor's dogs polite behavior, service dog tasks and dogs sports such as Rally O and agility moves and special needs kids and teens to learn skills previously thought impossible for them. I also knew that Alexandra Kurland pioneered the application of her methods on horses. From that starting point, I am passing on my research to you in this blog. Hopefully it will save you the time it took me to find all this information.

It is fascinating for me to see how the Pryor method is applicable across the species as it is based on principles, not methodology. As a zoologist, teacher and animal lover, that appeals to me. It is applicable for beginners to more advanced horse trainers & riders.

As per usual, becaseu horses are such large animals and there is inherent risk in training such a large animal, you accept all liability if you decide to apply my blog ideas. Train your horse at your own risk. Be aware of what your horse is doing near you and around you and stay safe.

If you like this blog and have a dog, you might enjoy my two 'how to' youtube channels and my 'how to train your own' Assistance Dog blog.


  1. Hello!
    Thank you for setting up this blog. I think it will be very helpfull for a lot of people who are interested in/or doing Clicker Training.
    I'm a beginner with CT myself and just love it. My horses Freya and Flicka are very responsive to the games we play.With games I mean anything that I want to teach them.
    I will follw this blog and hope to learn more about CT. Good idea to start this!


  2. I'm totally new to it, haven't even gotten a clicker yet. The other sites I checked into seemed geared for people who were well started into clicker training.

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting! Feel free to ask any questions as it all helps everyone to read about things thay may not have thought of or run across yet! I am hoping this blog will help short cut learning of both the horse and human!